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ホーム / 付録A H.323システム標準の進化

付録A H.323システム標準の進化

 ITU-T H.323ファミリー標準の進化を,H.323本体と関連勧告に分けて示します.各勧告の主要内容を()内に記しています.H.323システムのバージョンnは本文第9.4節 6)の図9-12に従い,関連するH.225.0のバージョンnおよびH.245のバージョンm以上をサポートすることで決定されます.

承認時期 H.323本体 関連勧告
1996/03   H.245 v1
1996/11 v1 H.225.0 v1
1997/07   H.245 v2
1998/02 v2 (v1 defects removal,fast connect,
H.245 tunneling)
H.225.0 v2
Annex B (Layered coding) H.245 v3
Annex C (Use of ATM) H.235 (Security)
  H.246 (H.323-H.320 Interworking)
1998/09 Annex D (Realtime FAX) H.245 v4
  H.332 (Loosely coupled conference)
  H.450.1, 2, 3 (Supplementary services)
1999/05 Annex E (Call control signaling over UDP) H.225.0 Annex G (Interdomain
Annex F (Black telephone SET) H.245 v5
  H.341 (MIB)
  H.450.4-7 (Supplementary services)
1999/09 v3 (Clarifications based on implementations) H.225.0 v3
2000/02 Annex G (Text SET) H.245 v6
  H.246 Annex C (Interworking with ISUP)
  H.450.8 (Supplementary service)
2000/06   H.248 (Media GW control protocol)
2000/11 v4 (Distributed GW architecture, GEF,
enhancements by the following annexes)
H.225.0 v4
Annex J (Security SET) H.245 v7
Annex K (Service control by http) H.235 v2
Annex M.1 (QSIG tunneling) H.246 Annex E1, E2 (mobile network)
Annex M.2 (ISUP tunneling) H.450.9 (Supplementary service)
2001/02 Annex L (Stimulus signalling) H.450.10, 11 (Supplementary services)
2001/07 Annex M.3 (DSS1 tunneling) H.245 v8
Annex Q (FECC) H.246 Annex F (H.323 - H.324 interworking)
Annex R (Robustness) H.450.12 (Supplementary service)
  H.460.2 (Number portability)
2002/03 H.510 (H.323 mobility) H.248 v2 (Correction of v1 defects +
new functionalities)
  H.460.1 (Guideline for the usage of GEF)
  H.501 (mobility management & intra/inter
domain communication control)
  H.530 (H.510 security)
2003/01 Annex P (Modem over IP) H.225.0 Annex G v2
  H.460.3 (Circuit maps)
  H.460.4 (Call priority)
  H.460.5 (H.225.0 transport of multiple Q.931
  H.460.6 (Extended fast connect)
  H.460.7 (Digit maps)
  H.460.8 (Querying for alternate routes)
  H.460.9 (On-line QoS monitoring reporting)
2003/02   H.245 v9
2003/07 v5 (Correction of v4 defects +
new functionalities)
H.225.0 v5
Annex O (Use of URLs and DNS) H.245 v10
  H.235 v3
  H.239 (Dual video)
  H.241 (Extended video procedures)
  H.350, H.350.1-5 (Directory services architecture)
2004/03   H.460.10 (Call party category)
  H.460.11 (Delayed call establishment)
  H.460.12 (Glare control indicator)
  H.460.13 (Called user release control)
  H.460.14 (Support for MLPP)
  H.460.15 (Call signalling transport channel
suspension and redirection)
  H.350.6 (Directory services)
2005/01 Annex D v3 (Real-time fax) H.245 v11
Annex M.4 (NSS tunneling) H.235 Annex G (MIKEY for RSTP)
  H.460.16 (Multiple message release)
2005/09   H.245 v12
  H.235.0-9 (Rearranged security series)
  H.239 v2(dual video)
  H.241 v2
  H.248.1 v3 (Gateway control protocol, main
  H.460.17 (RAS over call signaling)
  H.460.18, 19 (NAT/firewall traversal)
  H.460.20 (Location number)
2006/05 v6 (Correction of v5 defects +
new functionalities such as
updated alternate GK procedure)
H.225.0 v6
  H.245 v13
  H.361 (QoS signaling in H.323)
  H.241 v3
  H.246 v2 (Interworking)
  H.249 (Extended user input indications)
  H.460.21 (Message broadcast)
2007/01   H.350.7 (Directory Services Architecture for
  H.460.22 (Security procedures negotiation)
2008/06   H.245 v14
  H.351 (Semantic Web Interface)
2009/12 v7 (Correction of v6 defects + new
functionalities such as conference list
provision from MCU to terminal, calling party
information in multiple languages, allowing
Common Alerting Protocol message delivery)
H.225.0 v7
H.245 v15
  H.460.23 (Discovery of NAT/FW type)
  H.460.24 (Direct point-to-point media transfer)
2010/09   H.460.25 (Transport of geographic info)
2011/05   H.245 v16
  H.241v4 (Video procedures)
2012/06   H.460.26 (Using H.225.0 CS connection as
transport for media)
2014/10   H.239 v3
  H.420 (Telepresence system architecture)
2015/04   H.460.22 v2
2015/11   H.460.27 (End-to-end session ID)
2017/01予定 H.323 v8 H.225.0 v8
  H.245 v17

DNS: Domain Name System(ドメイン名前解決システム)
DSS1: Digital Subscriber Signalling System No. 1
FECC: Far End Camera Control(遠隔カメラ制御)
GEF: Generic Extensibility Framework(汎用機能拡張方式)
GW: Gateway(ゲートウェイ)
ISUP: ISDN User Parts of Signalling System number 7
MIB: Management Information Base(管理情報ベース)
MIKEY: Multimedia Internet Keying
MLPP: Multi-level Precedence and Preemption
NAT: Network Address Translation
NSS: Narrowband Signalling Syntax
QSIG: Signalling between the Q reference points
RAS: Registration, Admission, and Status(登録,通信許可および通信状態)
RTSP: Real Time Streaming Protocol
SET: Simple Endpoint Types(単機能端末)
URL: Uniform Resource Locator
V: Version(版)